Approximately 23,000 square feet of floor space devoted to manufacturing, engineering, quality, and administrative disciplines is located at:

RelComm Technologies, Inc.
610 Beam Street
Salisbury, Maryland 21801
Telephone: 410-749-4488
Facsimile: 410-860-2327

Manufacturing Process and Test
  • World Class Work Cells
  • Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM)
  • Cobehn Atomized Cleaning Chambers
  • Laminar Air Flow Class 100 Work Stations
  • Constant Air Filtration System Throughout the Manufacturing Facility
  • Compressed Air Treatment Filtering System with Outlet Air Containing Virtually No Condensable Hydrocarbons
Re-engineering and Design Enhancement
  • Value Analysis
  • Application Specific
  • Manufacturing Friendly
  • Computer Aided Design Software
Quality Philosophy
  • ISO 9001 System Compatibility
  • Best Commercial Practices Meeting Customer Requirements and Exceeding Customer Expectations

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